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Detailed Features

  • Disk Cleanup

    Removes invalid files from the hard disk & free-up disk space and improving system performance.

  • Browser Cleanup

    Removes browsing history from browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

  • Secure Delete

    When you delete the files, the data is gone. Not quite, when you delete a file, the operating system does not really remove the file from the disk, it only removes the reference of that file from the file system table. The file remains on the disk until another file is created over it, and even after that, it might be possible to recover data by using several directory snoop programs.

  • Registry Cleanup

    Registry Cleaner provides a one-stop solution to Windows Registry-related problems. It scans the Windows registry of your PC and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. You can safely clean, repair and optimize the Windows registry by fixing this obsolete information. By choosing Registry Cleaner option for optimization regularly and fixing registry errors your system will run faster, be more stable and error-free.

  • Registry Defragmenter

    Defragmenting a system or registry is when the system removes blank bytes of data and consolidates the remaining information so that there are no blank memory pieces within it. This is similar to removing filler columns in a database.

    The registry, much like any program or table of information, stores data in a specific way. As your system is configured and reconfigured, the registry rearranges the keys, and data behind the keys, so that it reads the information in a way appropriate for processing. This can sometimes leave gaps between the data, which can slow processing of the information. Defragmenting can help keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. You should defragment after each registry repair.

  • Registry Backup

    This feature lets you create backup of Registry files. It stores the state of registry at the time of backup which can be restored later. This is very useful when some harmful changes have been done in registry by some software/virus/spyware. These changes can be undone by restoring an earlier saved backup.

  • Startup Booster

    Tune system performance by removing unwanted programs that run at startup and slows down the system.

  • Internet Optimizer

    Internet Optimizer optimizes various internet related system settings and increases the speed of your internet for browsing as well as downloading. You'll notice a phenomenal speed increase when you use any type of Internet application: reading email, Web browsing, downloading pictures and video.

  • RAM Optimizer

    RAM Optimizer increases your PC’s available physical memory and boosts your PC performance. Many small memory chunks which are free but not usable are making available for use by RAM Optimizer. It continuously monitors your computer’s memory, whenever free RAM goes too low, recovers your PC’s physical memory by transferring data to page files. It also displays real-time graph of available physical Memory and page files.

Max PC Tuner fixes errors, defrags your registry, tunes and Optimizes your PC Performance, makes Internet speed faster to give you fast and stable operation. Boosts performance and fixes errors with many optimizations in one step. Max PC Tuner gives you the combined power of its four Award winning software Max Registry Cleaner, Max PC Privacy, Max Internet Optimizer and Max RAM Optimizer for the price of ONE product.

Automatically boost your system speed without adding new hardware. Boot-up and Shutdown at double the speed, stabilize your PC and prevent crashes. You don't need to pay a technician loads of money for an issue that you can easily do yourself in ONLY 2 minutes. Scan with Max PC Tuner and remove errors and conflicts.

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