Max Secure Software releases Max Secure Anti Virus

Pune, India- January 13, 2011 - Max Secure Software, a global provider of anti- virus software for home users & enterprises, has announced today the release of its latest version of its flagship consumer product Max Secure Anti-Virus.

The antivirus product improves the detection of viruses by using ‘Smart Scan’ proprietary technology that modifies how a computer is scanned, ultimately helping reduce scan time by up to 40 minutes. The latest version is extremely fast, light & efficient in terms of threat detection rates.

The newly released antivirus product does not wait till the PC becomes infected, it provides real-time proactive protection – constantly monitoring the system to detect any type of potential threats and prevent any destructive activity. Max Secure Anti-Virus incorporates a full range of new and improved technologies, many of which are unique to all the products launched under the Max Secure Umbrella.

"By bringing in the new version, our company has improved an already great product range still further, bringing the user a host of effective new technologies designed to protect their computers. This is a world class product backed up by world class 24X7 technical support". Said Sanjay Pradhan, founder and CEO of Max Secure Software.

Max Secure Anti-Virus are fully compatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft's operating systems, from XP up to Windows 7 versions.

About Max Secure Software


Founded in 2002, Max Secure Software is a leading provider and industry award winner of anti-Virus software serving a large customer base worldwide. Based in India and the US, Max Secure Software's anti-virus product line helps consumers decrease downtime from scans, improve PC performance & protect confidential data on their computers. The company has dedicated, visionary management team and advisory board with tremendous entrepreneurial, sales and marketing and software development experience.

What the people say?

"Thank you for your assistance. Your software is wonderful. I forgot how wonderful until I changed my hard drive and it didn't recognize the registration. My PC slowed down within a day and started getting adware popup. I'm running an anti-virus with firewall and I tried scanning with another spyware software. It didn't fix it. I ran yours software and it found 23 files the other software missed. I am now running up to speed with no pop-ups. Plus your software keeps it running well. I see you tech support is excellent as well. Very good response. Thank you again for your help.


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