Max Secure Software Launches Max Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition to Secure the Enterprise Network

Max Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition Offers Organizations Fastest Scan Time Available on Marketplace.

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 03/19/07 -- Max Secure Software, a leading provider of computer privacy and security software for the consumer and enterprise markets, announced today the unveiling of Max Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition for the enterprise and SMB market space. Enterprise Edition also comes equipped with Smart Scan, a proprietary scanning solution that reduces scan times down to just a few minutes.

Since spyware has become the most common Internet security threat plaguing businesses, Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition was developed to ensure employee productivity as well as the integrity and confidentiality of data residing on desktops.

"Nowadays enterprises view spyware as the latest growing security concern to their business and they are struggling to protect themselves from this threat," said Sanjay Pradhan, CEO, MAX Secure Software. "MAX Secure Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition delivers the quickest, safest and most complete removal of spywares from client server-based networks. Our competitive advantage includes our Smart Scan technology, the industry's largest database of spyware definitions and our ability to neutralize new threats through automatic live updates, which ensures the security of our customers' enterprise."

Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition is based on the client-server architecture to detect and delete spyware across a network while putting control in the hands of IT administrators and not end users. Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition supports domain-based and IP-based networks. Client service can be pushed on the client PC from the admin console (server) at a single mouse click minimizing the installation headaches of the administrators and saving time for both the client and administrator.

Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition is powered with Max Secure Software's Smart Scan technology to speed the detection of spyware making it the fastest scanning anti-spyware technology in the world. It scans network client desktops with a comprehensive database of more than 252,000 spyware threats and utilizes minimum CPU processing power to perform its duties. Enterprise Edition also utilizes negligible network bandwidth since scanning is done locally on client machines.

Benefits of Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition:

  • Client side installation, un-installation, updating, scheduling at a mouse click from the admin console.
  • Highest scanning speed with detailed threat analysis.
  • Advanced technology to detect & delete special spywares.
  • Provides blocking feature for URL's containing spywares.
  • Frequent database updates to ensure the user is are armed with latest threat definitions.
  • Enhanced active protection to protect the enterprise network from the spyware threats.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • 24 x 7 free customer support.
  • Automatic spyware definition updates and free upgrades.

About Max Secure Software

Founded in February 2002, Max Secure Software a leading provider of computer privacy and security software for the consumer and enterprise markets serving over 90,000 customers worldwide. Based in Silicon Valley and India, Max Secure Software's computer privacy and security software helps PC users decrease downtime from scans, improve PC performance, protect confidential data on their PC, and eliminate all spyware threats. For more information, please visit or contact Max Secure Software's sales department at 1.408.216.8153.

What the people say?

"Thank you for your assistance. Your software is wonderful. I forgot how wonderful until I changed my hard drive and it didn't recognize the registration. My PC slowed down within a day and started getting adware popup. I'm running an anti-virus with firewall and I tried scanning with another spyware software. It didn't fix it. I ran yours software and it found 23 files the other software missed. I am now running up to speed with no pop-ups. Plus your software keeps it running well. I see you tech support is excellent as well. Very good response. Thank you again for your help.


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