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Max Says their Anti Spyware is Faster!, India - Dec 4, 2006

Interview with the CEO of Max Secure Software

Last week, we communicated to our readers about Max Secure Software, and its anti-spyware software, Max Spyware Detector 2.0. In the wake of that, Techtree caught up with Sanjay Pradhan, Chief Executive Officer of Max Secure Software to get more insights into the product. This is what he had to say:

How did the idea of developing such a product generate?

Max Spyware Detector 2.0 is a product that we have developed over the last two and a half years. After doing a thorough research, we identified security as a prime area, and further found out that spywares are looking as a major threat. We found spywares are economically driven. There is a lot of money behind the people who write these spywares, and in the past two years it has become more organized. It was an opportunity, and we took it and got into product development.

Tell us something more about Max Spyware Detector 2.0?

Max Spyware Detector is the world's fastest anti-spyware software, which is a complete solution for individuals, professionals, and home users. The software is specially designed to scan, detect, delete, and recover spywares. It is based on advanced technology to detect and delete special spywares; has a high scanning speed with detailed threat analysis; has an appealing and user-friendly interface; has an enhanced active protection to protect consumers' online privacy; and has a registry fix feature to restore consumers' original settings.

How does it work?

This entire product is driven and developed in-house. Apart from having a nice-looking and user-friendly interface, there's a comprehensive threat database built in this product. We noted that other anti-spyware products are heavy in terms of CPU usage and take a long time to do the scan. So, we took it upon us to develop an intelligent algorithm, which would save on consumers' time in subsequent scans.

When the first scan happens, we map the hard drive, and study the set of files residing on a consumer's PC. Basically, the learning derived from the first scan is put into the second scan, and so on, till scan time is reduced considerably.

What is the technology underlining this product?

This software is based on our proprietary technology, called 'Smart Scan'. It has the capability of learning, and is pretty smart on its own. When scans are done, it learns and can execute something at a much faster rate. It modifies how a computer is scanned, ultimately reducing scan time by up to 20 minutes during the second and subsequent scans.

What is your product's USP?

The USP is its speed. By saving on a consumer's time taken in scanning, we are encouraging people to do a scan at least once or twice everyday. This in turn will protect their PCs. Our 'Smart Scan' technology and the algorithm we've developed makes scanning with our product - say about 10 times faster than competing products.

Besides, if you look at the anti-spyware market, most of the PCs today come loaded with Norton or McAfee products. Yet after browsing for 2 days or a month or a couple of months, these PCs get infected with spywares. That's where we see ourselves coming into the picture. We think we will be able to solve this problem since we offer consumers a comprehensive database. Plus, we provide live updates twice or thrice a week, and, we intend to further improve on this.

What is your strategy for the Indian market?

We see a lot of companies with not so good products bundling off stuff to customers. But we don't want to do that. We are planning a major launch in India in the next 6 to 12 months.

So, the software is not yet available in India?

It is available, but only on a small basis as compared to availability in the US and Europe.

What the people say?

"Thank you for your assistance. Your software is wonderful. I forgot how wonderful until I changed my hard drive and it didn't recognize the registration. My PC slowed down within a day and started getting adware popup. I'm running an anti-virus with firewall and I tried scanning with another spyware software. It didn't fix it. I ran yours software and it found 23 files the other software missed. I am now running up to speed with no pop-ups. Plus your software keeps it running well. I see you tech support is excellent as well. Very good response. Thank you again for your help.


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