Max Spyware Detector 2.0 For Windows Vista Will Be Offered Free Until March 2007

SANTA CLARA, Calif., -- (Dec. 5, 2006) -- Max Secure Software, a leading provider of anti-spyware software for the consumer and enterprise markets, announced today the unveiling of Max Spyware Detector 2.0 for Windows Vista™, the world’s fastest anti-spyware software. Max Spyware Detector will be offered free until March 2007 for new users of Windows Vista who are looking for a reliable and efficient anti-spyware product. Max Spyware Detector incorporates Max Secure Software’s Smart Scan technology to speed the detection of spyware. Smart Scan uses a proprietary scanning algorithm that reduces scan time by up to 20 minutes on repetitive spyware scans.

"Vista is quickly being deployed and purchased by millions of PC users without any substantial protection against advanced spywares," said Sanjay Pradhan, CEO of Max Secure Software. "We recognized that millions of PC users were going to need a reliable and trusted anti-spyware product for their Vista operating system, so we developed an anti-spyware solution that not only met the users’ expectations but also surpassed them by utilizing our proprietary Smart Scan technology to shorten scan times down to three minutes."

Comprehensive Spyware Detection

Max Secure Software employs a dedicated database team which uses state-of-the-art spyware research methods to identify and resolve new spyware threats before they are widely distributed.

Advanced Blocking

Max Spyware Detector for Windows Vista has advanced blocking features which block ActiveX, browser header objects and tracking cookies. Customers can also block the bad websites or the websites they feel are not worth browsing. This feature also blocks the new spyware installations.

Active Monitoring

Additionally, Max Spyware Detector protects customers’ privacy and provides them security by actively protecting them against the malicious processes, homepage hijackers and tracking cookies.

Complete Removal

Max Spyware Detector for Windows Vista detects and deletes the toughest spyware programs in just one scan. The product also provides advanced and comprehensive cleaning technology for special spywares, which are formidable next-generation spyware threats.

Instant Support

Customers who purchase Max Spyware Detector for Windows Vista are assured immediate access to Max Secure Software's technical support force. The firm's technical experts and friendly support team is available to answer any questions customers might have at no cost.

Pricing and Availability

Retail cost for one license of Max Spyware Detector 2.0 costs US $29.95 for a one year subscription, which includes a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. Max Spyware Detector is available now and supports the following operating systems: Windows 98 SE, 2000, Me, XP and Vista. To learn more about Max Spyware Detector, please click on the following URL:

About Max Secure Software

Founded in February 2002, Max Secure Software is a leading provider and industry award winner of anti-spyware software serving over 90,000 customers worldwide. Based in Silicon Valley and India, Max Secure Software’s anti-spyware product line helps consumers decrease downtime from scans, improve PC performance, protect confidential data on their PC, and eliminate all spyware threats. For more information, please visit or contact Max Secure Software’s sales department at 1.408.216.8153.

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What the people say?

"Thank you for your assistance. Your software is wonderful. I forgot how wonderful until I changed my hard drive and it didn't recognize the registration. My PC slowed down within a day and started getting adware popup. I'm running an anti-virus with firewall and I tried scanning with another spyware software. It didn't fix it. I ran yours software and it found 23 files the other software missed. I am now running up to speed with no pop-ups. Plus your software keeps it running well. I see you tech support is excellent as well. Very good response. Thank you again for your help.


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