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Off-Line Renew

You can use this page to renew your Max Secure Products, if your PC can not get on Internet due to un-availability or Virus infection. You can go to any PC which has internet and register as follow. After you have filled this page, hit the "Get Activation Code " button, write down the Activation code generated on this page on paper or Pen Drive and insert it in the Registration box on the Product.

Please enter your First Name, Last name, Email Address, Registration Key (Which you are using on the Registration Box on the Product), Installation Code (Generated on the Registration Box on the Product) and Renewal Key.

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Date Of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
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Renewal Key *

Renew Key: 60 days prior to expiration of System tray will display a message, once in a day to renew the subscription. This is to make to avoid disruption of Malware protection service not even for one day. You also get bonus days for early renewal. So if 60 days are left to renew, and you bought 1 yr. renewal then you not only get 60 days of remaining no. of subscription days but also get another 60 days of bonus days. So your subscription will now work for 365+60+60 = 485 days. You can enjoy this product for additional 120 days for free!!

Online user can purchase renew key by clicking Renew Now button shown in Product information tab. Renew key can also be bought from our Dealers (In India Only).