When and how should I use the Registry Fix option?

We have provided a very useful option for the users who use some kind of file sharing or P2P programs that is "Exclude" option. There are some software which comes under the category of keylogger or RAT (Remote Administrative Tools) but people still use them, in that case we give the user the freedom to exclude those entries or choose not to scan those entries at all.

After performing full scan before quarantining / cleaning, go to Options button and click on Exclude Recover tab. The Exclude window displays a list of the spyware name and scanned entry path on your PC it detected during the scan. You can select any spyware name or particular spyware entry that you’d like to exclude by checking the checkbox (es) provided before the Spyware name(s) or entry. The Select All button lets you select all the spyware in the list at one go. And then click on Exclude.

These excluded spyware or particular entry will not be scanned the next time onward. The excluded spyware can be scanned again if you later decide to do so by clicking on the Recover button near this Exclude window.

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