What is the use of Export Log button?

This optional feature is suggested by Max Secure Technical Support if users are having any particular Spyware related issues on their PC; clicking on the Export Log button emails the Scanned entries by Spyware Detector on the user’s PC with the Quarantine status, with their permission to Max Secure Technical Customer Support Team. This log also includes Scan log of strategically defined Registry entries commonly infected by Spyware.

It helps Technical Support Team to help customers by looking at these logs and let them manually remove certain entries if they are not part of Spyware Detector fingerprint definitions yet if they ask for assistance. It also enables us to analyze the new, emerging Spyware Threats.

Max Secure Software does not use any of this information for contacting users or publishing this information anywhere. Its only purpose is to aid customers in getting rid of Spyware.

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