What is Max Secure Firewall?

Max Secure Firewall provides a robust way to effectively filter network traffic, prevent malicious behavior, protect running processes and filter web content. It provides filtering of I/O requests at the kernel and user levels. Max Secure Firewall is one of the best defenses against malicious software attacks on your system.

You can enable firewall by using "Options > System Settings > Advanced Settings > Firewall > Enable Firewall" check box.

Network Filter

The firewall keeps track of all communications that have originated from your computer, and it prevents unsolicited traffic from reaching your computer. The two-way firewall monitors your computer’s inbound and outbound connections and prevents local and remote unauthorized network access. You can specify if you wish to block communication from a range of network addresses or protocols.

A set of rules are provided for specific well-known protocols. This is provided for convenience so that user don’t have to have deep protocol knowledge to configure them.

Application Rules

This is a set of rules that manage how certain applications will access the network. These rules are based only on the application path; they don’t configure any port/protocol. They can allow all communications coming to/going from the application. You can add any application by clicking on Add button and specify rule such as allow or block. Blocked application will not be allowed to be executed on this PC.

Network Monitor

  1. Many Spyware establish network connections with their remote servers to send information or download more programs.
  2. Network Monitor continuously scans Network Activities. It closes suspicious Network connections and terminates the process responsible for establishing such connections.
  3. This is the list of spyware IP addresses and Host Names. Network monitor will monitor these IP addresses and Host Names.
  4. User has facility to add/delete his own IP addresses/Host Names from the list; by clicking on Insert/ Delete button respectively.

Note: This option is only for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and later version.

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