I am getting error while Registering.

  1. Registration Number Is Already in Use
  2. One registration number works on one PC. If you have already registered Max Registry Cleaner on one PC and trying to register with the same registration number on another PC you will get this message.

  3. Invalid Registration Number
  4. If you are getting the message "Invalid Registration Number", while you are registering the product then this means that you are using the wrong registration number to register the software. Refer the email sent to you after you purchased the software which has the registration information and the name of the software you are registering.

    1. Make sure that you are using the same registration number for the product it is provided for.
    2. If you have purchased multiple software's then, please note that registration number provided to you are not interchangeable and registration number supplied for one product can only be used for that product.
    3. Also, once these numbers are used they cannot be used on any other PC; they are meant for registering products on one PC only.

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