When and how should I use the Registry Fix option?

Many Spyware changes your Browser settings by changing home page, search page etc. They may disable right click on Desktop or do not allow you to change desktop background or force screen saver etc. Registry fix feature allows fixing such problems.

After scanning the PC with Spyware Detector, you can just go to the Registry / Hosts File tab present in the Options window and select all entries or select the ones you want to fix and click on the Fix button to fix the entries and these settings will be restored to how they are supposed to be when you first bought a new PC.

All of the new settings will be default settings as set by your Microsoft Windows operating system. You will be able to go back and change any setting manually without any problem. Spyware Detector will not block you from changing any settings manually. This option is just supposed to rescue you when you face difficulties with normal Windows and IE features on your PC.

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