How do I schedule a scan in Spyware Detector?

To schedule the Spyware Detector follow the following steps:

  1. Open the main Interface of the Product and click on the Scheduler button on the main interface, a scheduler window will open.
  2. The window has the four fields as given below, select the options you want and click on the OK button to schedule the scan
    1. Scan Options
    2. Scan Time
    3. On Detection
    4. After scan is complete
  3. Scan Options

    Here you have following options:

    1. Quick Scan: Scans the hard drive where the operating system is installed.
    2. Full Scan: Scans all the selected hard drives present on the computer (this includes the signature scanning). You can also select the Individual drive here for signature scanning.
    3. Rootkit Scan: Rootkit Scan is based on generic, heuristics scan. A rootkit is a set of software tools intended to hide running processes, files or system data from the operating system. A rootkit substitutes malicious code in place of legitimate Operating System routines. It does so in a highly stealth-like manner by turning off certain security routines. They are difficult to detect. Rootkits are difficult to clean as they ingranulate deeply within the Registry and system files.
    4. Virus Scan: Virus Scan is a signature based virus detecting and repairing scan engine. Viruses insert their malicious code in the files of operating system and other installed software like Yahoo Messenger etc. Hence every subsequent execution of such virus code inserted file also does the malicious activity intended by the malicious code along with the file's usual activity. The virus scanner engine detects such inserted code in these files and removes them, thus the file gets repaired and can be used with no risk.
    5. Deep Scan: Deep Scan option does special spyware scan through out the drive so that Spyware Detector catches more special spyware entries. It takes more time in first scan but subsequent scan will take less time to scan special spyware on the drive.

  4. Scan Time

    Here select the options you want like Daily, Weekly, Hourly or Minutes and set the particular time in the timer provided when you want the Spyware Detector to scan your PC.

  5. On Detection

    This section has two options:

    1. Log Only: If you select this option then, Spyware Detector will scan your PC for the spyware and only show you the log of the detected spyware at that time.
    2. Clean: If you select this option then, Spyware Detector will scan your PC for the spyware and directly clean the spyware detected on your PC.

  6. After scan is complete

    This section has two options:

    1. Shut down the computer: If you select this option then, Spyware Detector will automatically shut down your computer after finished scheduled scan.
    2. Log off from the computer: If you select this option then, Spyware Detector will automatically log off your computer after finished.

  7. After you have selected all the options, click on OK, the window will close. Now again click on the scheduler option to view your schedule details on the scheduler window. You can also cancel the earlier schedule by clicking on the "Cancel Schedule" button.
  8. If your PC is not ON at the time when you have scheduled the scan then, Spyware Detector will start this scheduled scan whenever you start the PC. This will make sure that your scheduled scan is done and PC is spyware free.

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