What is the meaning of Threat levels?

The detected spyware entries are flagged under four threat levels which are defined below:

Critical : May open up communication ports; use polymorphic tactics, stealth installations, and Rootkit and/or anti-spy counter measures. May contain a security flaw. Requires Special means to remove it. Spyware and Fake Anti Spyware may fall under this category.
High : Hard to remove, downloads and installs other applications, has the ability to phone home information. Logs keyboard activity, takes system snapshots. Logs activities and removal is difficult. Dialers and Keyloggers may fall under this category.
Medium : May profile users or broadcast data back to a server with ("opt-out") permission. Removal is hard. May show pop-ups which may be contextual or random. May be bundled with other legitimate software. Usually download with p2p and free shareware application. Usually Adware, Backdoor, Trojans, Browser Helper Objects, Toolbars, Trackware and Worms may fall under this category.
Low : No immediate threat, may profile users, but has specific privacy policies in place. Not so dangerous, fairly easy to remove, using standard "Add/Remove Programs" function. May make use of "drive-by installation”. Removal is possible by end user. Usually cookie, Droppers, Flooder, hacker tool, hijacker and Downloader fall under this category.

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