What are threat definitions?

Threat Definitions is the total count of Threats that Spyware Detector searches on your PC. If your PC is infected with all the spyware that we have currently in our database, then total threat count will be lot more than this number.

Spyware Detector Scan Engine deploys Advanced Spyware Removal Algorithms based on Pattern matching, enumeration and special code handling for difficult to remove spyware . These extra features ensure COMPLETE removal of all the traces of unwanted Spyware programs from the user’s PC. These functions also Heuristically find several new Spyware threats even though they are not in our Fingerprint database. These special detections also add more threats to the count of total threats found on the user’s PC, on the top of the threats detected by the database.

Threats refer to all the main entries made in the File System and Registry by a particular Spyware program.

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