Max End Point

Security - Business

  • Powered by Artifical Intelligence
  • Secure all devices with one cloud Dashboard
  • Protect, Prevent, Preserve

Protect your devices with Cloud Security, Deploy, configure, and manage all client devices from a centralized dashboard for complete visibility across all managed devices with a small downloadable client agent.

Multi-layer protection combines multiple engines – Anti-Virus, Anti-Adware, Anti-Ransomware, Pattern, Gibberish, Heuristic along with Artificial Intelligence and Dynamic emulation – to identify advanced malware in zero-day with Comprehensive reporting.
Stay on the top of Cyber Security with in-depth analyses, Group policies, completely configurable from Dashboard.

Virus Protection

Very small footprint on client PC, offers lightest Anti-Virus

Software as a service

Start right away, no Infrastucture required, on our Cloud or your Prem


Manage configurations form one web Portal for easy visibility

One Cloud Dashboard

Access from anywhere, for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux

Real-time alerts

Admin get E-mail on set triggers, even if he is not logged in

Data Management

White-list Web, Applications & USB Devices

Update / Scan Schedule

Configure from Portal when you want to update and Scan client devices

Instant remediation

Add remotely any new malware signature for immediate detection

False positive

Control, recover any false positives in seconds network wide

USB Guard

Block Read/Write/Execute USB drive

Isolate infected Devices

Remotely remove the infecetd devices from the network

Ransomware Monitor

Block Ransomware by active monitor, get reports on Dashboard


All major Windows Os above 8.0, Mac , Linux, Mac and Android versions


500 MB of RAM available
1 GB of free hard disk space
Internet Connectivity for Registration and Updates


Internet Explorer 8 or later
Microsoft Edge 20.x – 25.x and later
Mozilla Firefox 52.x and later
Google Chrome 44.x – 52.x