Max End Point Security for Business

SaaS based, Powered By Artificial Intelligence


Web Console
Endpoint Protection
Data Loss Prevention
Full Disk Encryption
Cloud Sandbox
File Integrity Monitor
Inventory Management
Zero Day Access
Vulnerability Management
Endpoint Forensic

Deploy, Configure And Manage


Delivers a range of IT security services with scans on the agent as well as on the Cloud that provide complete, in depth protection against all forms of malware - whether they originate from inside or outside the network via email, sites, or the Internet. Connect securely to any device

Powered by Artificial Intelligence model, diligently created Yara rules and Dynamic emulator leave no room for any Malware to creep in.

With Secure Email Security Stop spam and secure incoming and outgoing emails and suspicious attachments from infecting your device.

Enable Network monitor based on protocol/IP address, applications filter, block complete browsing or selectively add black and white list of web URLS, restrict usage of web sites based on categories. Monitor internet and computer usage.


Manage your Endpoints wherever you are

web console

Create, Protect and Monitor

Web Console allows you to apply policies, configuration settings, application control, schedule updates, alerts, remote software installation and more

Zero Trust Access

Zero Trust means no application or web site or USB drive or Wi-Fi should be inherently allowed. With one click add Applications, Websites, USB devices and Wi-Fi that you want to white list, rest will be blocked. Or choose Block All option.


File Integrity and Monitor

Validates the integrity of an application software files or any directory/file using a verification method between the current file state with a known, good baseline.


Alerts Management

Receive immediate Alerts on the Dashboard and in emails if you received any chat/messages from any device, if any DLP violation took place, if any Ransomware was detected or any client agent was uninstalled

Update / Scan Schedule

Configure from Dashboard when you want to update and Scan client devices

Instant remediation

From Portal, add any new malware signature for immediate detection

False positive

Control, recover any false positives from the Portal.

USB Guard

Block Read / Write/ Execute, complete control on USB drive

Isolate infected Devices

Remotely remove the infecetd devices from the network

Ransomware Monitor

Block Ransomware as soon as they start encryption


All major Windows Os above 8.0, Mac , Linux, Mac and Android versions


500 MB of RAM available
1 GB of free hard disk space
Internet Connectivity for Registration and Updates


Internet Explorer 8 or later
Microsoft Edge 20.x – 25.x and later
Mozilla Firefox 52.x and later
Google Chrome 44.x – 52.x